Transgender rugby player, Will pets ever play rugby?Will pets play rugby? Will pets be allowed to substitute for their masters in spectator sports, or what’s next?

Transgender folk vs cisgender deviants

La Fédération Française de Rugby or the French Rugby Federation is supposedly going to allow transgender players to compete and participate in regular games. This is beyond weird. The RT  just had this among its headlines.  (The French Rugby Federation) has come under fire after announcing its plan to allow transgender players to compete in domestic competitions.
The decision it has taken had been previously recommended against in guidelines issued by the sport’s governing body.

French rugby officials announced in a statement that they had voted unanimously in favor of a move to allow transgender players to play alongside and against their cisgender peers.

However, World Rugby, the body that oversees the sport globally, said in October of last year that it recommended that transgender players be disallowed from playing in women’s elite or international teams, citing potential safety hazards, saying at the time that ‘safety and fairness cannot presently be assured for women playing against trans women in contact rugby.

All right. Très bien… très bien, dear Transgender rugby player. 

I must have missed the boat with the cisgender non-word word. Sure there was Cisalpine Gaul vs Transalpine Gaul but the adjective cisgender is supposed to refer to a creature on this side of gender? Are you people going not a bit too far with this bizarre fabrication of non-existent pseudo-Latinisms?

And with all questions of semantics aside, there is another question that looms large. This is the question of fairness. Now, don’t get me wrong. I am all for equality. But not for the sort of equality that gets us into the realm of the absurd.

The problem with equality for transgender individuals, that is, for those individuals who “believe” to be something else and that something else is quite different from what they actually are from the pure standpoint of mean-spirited biology, like, for instance,  I might believe that I am a Martian, is that it creates abject inequality. When one’s push for equality transforms into greater inequality for other individuals, then we should get rid of both the equality and the pushers who push for this sort of equality.

Where should equality end?

There is an old maxim as well as a philosophical formula about the borders of what is permissible, La liberté des uns s’arrête là où commence celle des autres, my liberty ends where yours begins. Or supposedly Oliver Wendell Holmes said: “your freedom to act ends where my nose begins.”

And in rugby the nose, as well as other body parts, are quite literal, not figurative properties of one’s figure. Rugby is a rough contact sport. And in sports requiring physical strength transgender male athletes who choose to became females will always have an advantage over traditional females. Just for the reasons of biology. I know that it sucks. And I know that we can keep pretending to be whatever we are pretending to be but unfortunately, Mother Nature and God (that is either or both depending on your own beliefs) don’t give a rat’s T-shirt or in this case, or a rodent’s rugby shirt.  Or a rugby jersey.\

What’s the problem with this?

Now, the problem is that men who pretend to be women and who might have undergone surgery to appear like women will still retain most of their male anatomy.  That is their muscle structure, their weight will remain the same (yes, we know there are tons of overweight females), regardless of what they had cut off from their bodies or what they had sewn onto them. Those heavier and more muscular artificial females will always beat the conventional females on the playing field, and at the end, just for the sake of staying competitive, professional teams might end up hiring those female conversions.

Lastly, female sports teams, we are not talking about chess here but about rough contact sports, might end up consisting solely of males-converted-to-females players. And that will signify the end of the equality of women. Besides creating a situation that is patently unequal, allowing transgender individuals to play as if they were “conventional women” would deprive the real women of their very freedom to play. Thus, the decision is an affront to liberty.

And that’s not good. Because we should not sacrifice actual freedom for the illusion of equality.  And in this case it is not merely an illusion but a chimera. Finally, it’s not fair. Or rather it’s grotesquely unfair. Would you support a competitive game where five-year-olds had to play against twelve-year-olds just because twelve-year-olds feel or think they are five-year-olds? Most people won’t.

The End

Transgender rugby player
Transgender rugby player


Subjects: Will pets play rugby? Will they? How absurdly absurd can an absurdity become? Will pets play rugby? If not who will play rugby. Equality. Fairness. Sport. The unequal equality. Or equality sacrificed for the sake of equality.

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Transgender rugby player

Transgender rugby player

Transgender rugby player


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